About Tessa

I am your meal prepper, your delivery person and your helping hand to ensure you can live your healthy lifestyle. In addition to being a mealprepper, I am also a personal trainer and nutritionist. My passion for cooking, food, sports and coaching gave me the idea to start Tessa’s meal prep service. It is my mission to help people develop and / or maintain a healthy lifestyle. I do this through my personal service and meals.

The beginning

For me, Sundays were always dominated by: meal prep. Every week I repeated the shopping, cooking and filling the containers. This routine brought me peace, physical results and above all convenience. In order to keep up with the busy working weeks in a healthy way and to continue to achieve my fitness goals, this became a routine. I proudly shared my meal prep boxes on social media to inspire other people to do this too. As a side job I worked as a sous-chef at a gym in Amsterdam. The first applications have already presented themselves here: “Tessa, can’t you go meal prep for me too?

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Mealprepper, personal trainer and nutritionist


As a personal trainer and nutritionist I coach many busy Amsterdammers who regularly order food online. They often have to work overtime or they do not prioritize the preparation of a healthy meal. I have experienced that my customers continue to find it difficult to keep eating healthy and varied during long office days. An unhealthy food choice can easily be made by stress, too little sleep, a feeling of reward and ignorance about what healthy food is.

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Many people are guided by countless diets and advice from social media. They think they know what they are eating instead of know what they are eating. I would like to educate you about what a healthy meal means and what suits your needs. By means of transparent food labels, education and personal service I want to support you in a sustainable healthy lifestyle.ts of knowing what they eat.

Do you have questions or do you want more personal nutritional advice? Then contact us. Nurdin the nutritionist and I are happy to help you.


Short break!

We take a short break during Christmas and New Year!

If you sign up now, the earliest possible delivery date is the 1st of January 2023!

We wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a happy and healthy New Year!

We wensen je een fijn kerstfeest en een gelukkig en gezond Nieuwjaar!

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