Did you know that as a woman you don’t grow up with strength training?

Also in 2019 I still have to explain to women that you will not be as tall as Arnold Schwarzenegger if you do strength training a few times a week.

I understand the fear of women that they don’t want to get guns from a bicep, but you don’t get this just like that. To look like Arnold Schwarzenegger you need a lot of training and the right hormones. The hormone that men have more than women is: testosterone. And it is precisely this hormone that is essential for muscle growth and “male development.”

In general you can say: the more testosterone you have, the more masculine you are. Do you see a woman running in the gym who is extremely muscular and with few female characteristics left? Then it could well be that she administers artificially large amounts of testosterone by means of: injections (anabolics). However, in this case we no longer talk about a hobbyist, but about bodybuilding and top athletes.

Do you still want to continue to do cardio? Then do a combination of both: cardio and strength training! Once you have built up some muscle mass in the powerhouse, this also stimulates fat burning. It takes the body more energy to maintain the muscles, increasing the resting metabolism. In addition to strength training contributing to fat burning, it can also give you a dose of confidence!

Get out of your comfort zone and stand between the “big boys” and the dumbbells. The only thing that may become less feminine is the calluses on your hands, but even that does not have to be done by wearing gloves. GO FOR IT GIRL!


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