Frequently Asked Questions

Shelf life

All our meals are tastiest up to 2 days. They can then be kept for 3 to 4 days. The best before date is always stated on the label on the meal so that you can always check this.

It is clearly stated for each dish on the website whether you can freeze the meal. Some meals are not recommended for freezing, such as: salads. The packaging material is resistant to a cool / freeze temperature of -30 degrees. The meals have a shelf life of 1 month after delivery.

The meals are already prepared and you can eat all meals both hot and cold. If you prefer to heat up your meal, you can do the following:

In general, the following heating instructions apply:

3 – 4 minutes on 900 watts.
Caution: Remove all plastic! (sauce tray/topseal foil)

15-20 minutes at 180 degrees.
Caution: Remove all plastic! (sauce tray/topseal foil)

No our trays are not suitable for a toaster oven.

Delivery and order

Choose your package on the website: Lean (low carb), Balanced (low-high carb mix) and Strong (high carb) meal packages. You then choose how many meals you want per day and for how many days a week. Finally, you come to the checkout page and you can pay safely and quickly via iDeal or credit card. Once the payment is successful, you will automatically be taken to the intake form. We tailor the meals to you personally on the basis of this intake form.

When we have received the intake form, we will personally coordinate the next delivery date with you. You can pay safely and quickly via iDeal or credit card. You can choose whether you want it delivered to your home or whether you pick up your meals at one of our pick-up locations.

We can deliver to your home, but we also have several pick-up locations. Check them out here.

You do not pay any additional shipping costs.

Tessa’s chooses Cardio! We deliver on our electric cargo bikes.

We can deliver to your home, but we also have different pick-up locations and different times. Check them out here.

We coordinate the delivery times at your home together with you and take place between 4 pm and 10 pm. In the intake form you can indicate your preference for delivery time. Here you can read more about our different pickup points

Do you unexpectedly have a business trip or are you going on vacation and do you want to pause your subscription? No problem! Let us know via email or the contact form and we will pause your subscription. . Do not forget to mention your first name and last name.

After ordering, you’ll receive an email with a link to the intake-form. Didn’t receive the mail? Please check your spamfolder, also not there please send us a message.


In principle, we can take all allergies into account. You can indicate your allergies in the intake form. In Tessa’s Kitchen It is cooked with various allergens.


Tessa’s cooks fresh and healthy meals that can be eaten as well as lunch and dinner. We always offer a meat, fish or vegan option. We get the inspiration from different kinds of countries and we try to create the most varied offer for you. Food must be healthy but also certainly varied and delicious!

We try to put together the meal prep as varied as possible. A lot of use is made of fresh vegetables, legumes, whole-grain products and tasty sauces that are not too high in calories and fat. There is always a fish, meat or vegan option. We try to check the size of the portions so that not too much food is thrown away. In addition, we also take into account the right balance of carbohydrates, proteins and fats per meal.

Sugar is sugar. We mainly get the sugars from our vegetables, fruit and unsweetened dairy products such as low-fat yogurt or vegetable yogurt. The advantage of these products is that in addition to fructose (fruit sugar), they have many more important nutrients such as vitamins, minerals and fibers.

Cooking is done 5 days a week and we visit the pick-up points with fresh meals three times a week. We do not in any way extend the shelf life of meals.

We use organic products as well as non-organic products. We mainly release the focus of our products on animal friendliness and anti-biotics. In the field of pesticides, our vegetables comply with the values of the European Union. Our products are microbiologically tested every harvest. We work closely with our suppliers. Do you have any more questions? Then you can always email us about this.

Healthy fresh meal preps…

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Short break!

We take a short break during Christmas and New Year!

If you sign up now, the earliest possible delivery date is the 1st of January 2023!

We wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a happy and healthy New Year!

We wensen je een fijn kerstfeest en een gelukkig en gezond Nieuwjaar!

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