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In collaboration with the nutritionist from Peak we make create your meal-plan.


Tessa’s is a premium meal prep service and our unique selling point is personalised nutrition. Every person is different and your nutrition should be to. We prepare your meals based on your test-result and in collaboration with the nutritionist from Peak.

in it For you?

We take care of high performing people. Entrepreneurs who want to optimise everything in their lives in order to perform. Time is the most precious asset there is. We ensure that you have more time to achieve your goals and have more hyperfocus during the day.

LEAN Meal Plan
We have the lean meal prep package developed by volume.
Eat more for fewer calories in one day.
Lean meal plan
Balanced Meal plan
Developed for people who are active in the gym. The meals are designed for optimal recovery for after your workout.
Balanced Meal Plan
Strong meal plan
Developed for people who burn a lot of calories in a day and who need to supplement this with enough fuel.
Strong meal plan

After the first payment with iDeal we debet the weekly amount automatic from your bankaccount. Pause? No problem, just let us know.


You will indicatie how many meals per day, for how many days in the week you want and when you want it delivered.


Control your energy levels through proper nutrition. Save time and let us prepare your meals.


Our nutrition and kitchen team is ready for you.


When leaving us your name and email address, Tessa’s will contact you to with some exclusive discounts for Tessa’s x Peakclub and we will proceed with your subscription from there. 


Short break!

We take a short break during Christmas and New Year!

If you sign up now, the earliest possible delivery date is the 1st of January 2023!

We wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a happy and healthy New Year!

We wensen je een fijn kerstfeest en een gelukkig en gezond Nieuwjaar!

Logo Tessa meal prep service white

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