Tessa's Meal Prep Service

Tessa's Meal Prep Service aims to provide people with a sporty and busy lifestyle with healthy and tasty meals and we do this through personalized meals and service.


We believe that personalized nutrition is an important part of people’s health and well-being.


Every person is unique and our bodies are all different, so why do we all eat the same thing?

Tessa’s Meal Prep Service is on a mission to make people aware of food that suits their needs and to gain and maintain a healthy lifestyle through personalized eating.

Tessa’s kitchen

We try to reduce distance of travel of our produce

√ We are refined sugar free

We list evert ingredient which goes on your plate

We change our menu with seasons

√ We do not add preservatives

We cook our food with care and attention to preserve nutritional values

We cook our food with care and attention to preserve nutritional values

We cook to measure and weight every ingredient to monitor the correct nutritional information and to reduce food waste

We are not guided by food hypes and diets
hierin te woord te staan.

The ingredients and recipes for meals are made and tested by our chef, personal trainer and nutrition experts. We look at the functionaloity of the ingredients, nut also at color and taste to keep the expierence of the meals high.

nutritionist Nurdin Pattipilohy

Tessa's nutritionist

My name is Nurdin Pattipilohy, I’m from Amsterdam and I have a passion for food. Not just cooking or eating it, but also the hard facts that surround the complex topic of nutrition. I started out as a personal trainer, but I have shifted my focus and studies over these last 5 years to nutrition. As a certified nutritionist I mostly work out of the Vondelgym in Amsterdam.

At Tessa’s I will assist in creating recipes that are nutritious, satieting, protein rich and delicious. Furthermore I’m here to provide interesting facts about our meals and nutrition in general. My mission is the same as Tessa’s, which is to help people build a sustainable healthy lifestyle!




The reasoning behind and an important value of Tessa’s Meal Prep Service is: convenience. We believe that convenience is not only functional, but also has emotional value. We try to relieve you mentally, take away choice overload and make sure that you don’t have to think about your dietary choices anymore. The desire for less stress simplifies life and gives you more time for other fun things.

Caring for yourself and the world

Taking care of yourself and the world. Tessa’s doesn’t just think about today and tomorrow. We are highly concerned about sustainable living. We try to contribute to this by using biodegradable packaging material, reusing delivery bags, sustainable transport, waste processing and we work with pre-orders so that the ingredients can be carefully weighed so that less food is wasted.


“Thinking you know what you’re eating, to knowing what you’re eating”. Many people think they know what a healthy diet means. These assumptions are often not based on facts. Due to the influence of social media, there is a lack of knowledge regarding society. Tessa’s wants to support people in gaining a healthy sustainable lifestyle. We do not believe in diets and are not guided by trends and developments from social media. The meals are prepared and tested by our qualified nutritionist and chef.


Short break!

We take a short break during Christmas and New Year!

If you sign up now, the earliest possible delivery date is the 1st of January 2023!

We wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a happy and healthy New Year!

We wensen je een fijn kerstfeest en een gelukkig en gezond Nieuwjaar!

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