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Healthy, ready-to-eat meals delivered to you or UP in Amsterdam. So if you are ready for less stress and more convenience, subscribe now for this special monthly plan and receive €60,47 discount per month and a free intake!

We create your meals in collaboration with your trainer. We receive the amount of calories, carbs, proteins and fats for each meal. Based on that information and our intake-form we will prep your meals. We also take intolerances, taste and allergies into your nutrition plan .

How does it work


Subscribe to our monthly plan and receive the intake now for free and 10% discount. After paying the 1st month, you are official a member and will be receiving the most delicious meal prep.

Fill in the intakeform

In here you fill in your personal information and preferences, as well as the information about your personal trainer. You can let us know wether you want the meals delivered to your home or to your gym.


We will inform you when the first delivery moment will be, and you can just sit down and enjoy your healthy prepped lunch and diner. We are happy to help you get through all weekdays. n the weekend you will cook for yourself.

UP Meal Prep Package

Personalized to the extreme
126,00* A week
  • Lunch & Diner
  • 5 days a week
  • Fresh, healthy and easy
  • Extra protein

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