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meal prep service

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meal prep service

Meal Prep Service Transparant

Healthy fresh meals without stress

We make delicious and healthy meals that are devised and made by nutritionists, personal trainers and chefs. We have close partnerships with several high-end gyms in Amsterdam. These gyms are your pick-up point for your meals. We work with pre-orders to reduce food waste. We want you to be well prepared and healthy throughout the week. Don’t feel like or don’t have time to plan, shop or cook? I will be happy to prepare your meals.


Every week a new menu!

How does it work

Check Tessa's menu

√ Check Tessa’s menu
√ Every week on Thursday 22.00u a new menu
√ Choose as much meal prep as you like
√ Add extras to your meal

Choose your pickup day and location

For each meal prep you can choose from multiple pickup moments and delivery locations.
So at every delivery moment there is a fresh meal ready for you.

Place your order

Fill in your personal details and pay safely and quickly with iDeal or by credit card.

Meal prep pick up!

On your chosen day, I deliver your meal prep to your pickup point or at your home.


If you place your order before thursday 22.00 your meal can be delivered from the coming sunday.

Tessa’s Weekplan

You eat

low in calories 350-500

low in carbs

portion controled

full of protein


You eat

low in calories

full of protein

high fiber

+stops hunger

You eat

high in calories 750-850

High carbs

portion controled

complex carbs

full of protein

+muscle growth

Thinking you know what you’re eating vs knowing what you’re eating…


meal prep package

Every week without ordering, healthy, ready-to-eat meals, delivered at your home in Amsterdam.


Our products

We only work with suppliers who have the same values as us when it comes to sustainability and quality. With this in mind, all our vegetables are of high quality, our fish is sustainable and all our meat is organic. We know our suppliers.

Personal service

Personal service is what Tessa stands for. Whether it comes to communication, exceptions, or nutritional advice. We are here to help you achieve a healthier lifestyle. We are here to help you achieve a healthier lifestyle.


For me, Sundays were always dominated by: meal prep. Every week I repeated the shopping, cooking and filling the containers. This routine brought me peace, physical results and above all convenience. In order to keep up with my busy weeks in a healthy way and to keep meeting my fitness goals. This became a routine.

Meal Prep Service Transparant

As a personal trainer and nutritionist, I coach many busy people in Amsterdam who regularly order food online.

Many of them only think they know what they’re eating instead of actually knowing what they’re eating. I would like to educate you about what a healthy meal means and what suits your needs.


Will you let me know how it tasted?

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Good to have…


Cooling bag!

When you order is above €45,- you once receive a free cooling bag!

Use the discount code: